frequently asked questions

trica equity:

there is no upper limit to the number of team members who can access the trica equity admin panel. you can assign different team members various roles and permissions to get work done seamlessly. some roles that may be assigned: super admin, cap table admin, cap table signatory, ESOP admin, ESOP view, ESOP signatory and so on.

we have a two factor authentication for both the admin and employee dashboards. We have an ISO 270001 certification in place which certifies that all handling of data on the trica equity product meets global industry standard. we have a GDPR certification underway.

yes, you can create an ESOP pool with our product. but to do this you first need to have in place an ESOP scheme document duly approved by your shareholders.

if you don't have an ESOP policy, you can check out our open source ESOP policy here. we also help startups with custom ESOP documentation, drop us a line here.

yes, you can create any number of customised exercise periods and vesting schedules for employees. do check if your ESOP policy has the flexibility to accommodate this.

one of the most loved features of the trica equity product is the ESOP dashboard for employees - it is the perfect way to provide your team with visibility to their ESOPs, the growth in the value of the company and explain to them the tax implications of exercising options.

on the employee dashboard, the team member can view the ESOP policy, the grant letter/s received, the vesting schedule linked to each grant and track the status of vested and unvested options along with a real time valuation of the ESOPs. apart from this, a request to exercise options can also be raised via the product.

we are currently operational in India, USA, Singapore, Indonesia and Mauritius.

yes, custom pricing is available, you can contact our team to understand this better.

trica capital:

you’ll see growth and late stage pre-IPO opportunities on trica. these could be primary investments or liquidity transactions. we also facilitate investments in unique global funds and startups.

pitch deck, access to founders on a pitch call, data room (which contains financials, projections, MIS, cap table information, terms of the deal, round details, etc) and on signing an EOI digitally, a one-on-one call with the founder

it varies, but most transactions are in the $150,000 - $1 M bracket

we are tech driven, our DNA is to use technology to build efficiency and remove information asymmetry. trica, which is a LetsVenture group company has a deep network with VCs, micro-funds, corporations and their venture arms and family offices from India and overseas. our strong deal flow is backed by some of India’s most marquee investors. lastly, we provide end-to-end transaction support and seamless execution.