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startups need a valuation certificate when new shares are issued or during granting and / or exercise of ESOPs
USA & Singapore

USA & Singapore

a 409A valuation certificate is needed at the time of stock option grants or during a fundraise

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USA & Singapore

from a registered valuer

a registered valuer is typically a CA firm registered with IBBI. you need this when you are issuing:

enter equity shares or preference
enter ESOP grants to employees
USA & Singapore

from a merchant banker

a SEBI registered merchant banker is authorized to provide a valuation certificate for a company especially if it is required under the Income Tax Act. you need this when:

enter issuing equity shares or preference shares
enter exercising of ESOPs
enter sale / transfer of shares
USA & Singapore

a 409A valuation

this is required any time a company issues stock options or raises funds. it is done by CPA firms that have experience in conducting business valuation and appraisals.

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