ESOP Dictionary

A glossary that both founders & employees can use to learn all the key ESOP terms including vesting, exercise price, and exercise tax. All in 10 minutes. Read more

How to roll out ESOP

Wondering what are the legal and compliance steps required to roll out ESOP in your startup. Go through this blog and get started right away Read more

ESOP Scheme or Policy

Creating an ESOP scheme or policy document takes the most time from founders. You are almost done if you can answer these 5 questions. Read more

How ESOPs reward employees

How do ESOPs generate wealth for employees in a startup? Uncover success stories and hear from leaders to understand how ESOPs are beneficial for your team. Read more

ESOP Distribution as your startup matures

How do you plan your ESOPs at different stages of your startup growth cycle – Early Stage, Growth Stage, Maturity Stage? A must-read for all founders. Read more

ESOP pool size

What do industry leaders say about the ESOP pool size that startups need to have? Is your ESOP pool big enough to service your team today & in the future? Read more

Webinars from industry leaders

Abhiraj Bhal - Surviving the downturn ESOPs
Abhiraj Bhal, Co-founder & CEO of UrbanCompany

Abhiraj Bhal is the Co-founder & CEO of UrbanCompany (previously UrbanClap). He talks about how ESOPs are beneficial and lists the best practices of their ESOP policy – equated annual vesting, an exercise price of one rupee, and accelerated vesting in case of a strategic sale. Read more.

Deepak Abbot ESOPs Webinar
Deepak Abbot, Founder of Flat White Capital
& Ex-VP of Product at PayTm

Deepak Abbot joined the early product team in Paytm in 2013 and became a Senior Vice President in 5 years. Now, Deepak has taken the entrepreneurial plunge and is building his own startup. He explains ESOPs from an employee’s perspective – what must you negotiate for and care about at different levels and stages. Read more

Satheesh KV ESOPs Webinar
Satheesh KV, Co-founder of Spottabl
& Ex-HR Director at Flipkart

Satheesh KV, Co-founder of Spottabl & Ex-HR Director of Flipkart, is a seasoned HR personnel. Having closely worked with Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, Satheesh led the ESOP policy at Flipkart. He talks about the best practices that startups can follow to create and manage their ESOP policies. Read more

TN Hari - ESOPs Webinar
TN Hari, Head HR of BigBasket

TN Hari, Head HR of BigBasket – India’s largest online food and grocery store, shared his take on ESOPs. He broached all the best practices that contribute to strategizing an affluent ESOP policy. In addition, he talked about ESOP pool size and the value that ESOPs can add in a startup. Read more

Siddarth Pai - ESOPs vs Phantom Stocks
Siddarth Pai, Co-founder & CFO of 3one4 Capital

Siddarth Pai is the Founding Partner & CFO of 3one4 Capital and in this webinar Siddarth spoke about the importance of equity grants from a VC perspective. Siddarth outlines best practices early-stage startups can follow and he also gets into the details of why you should consider Stock Appreciations Rights (or SARs) over ESOPs to reward your team members. Read more

Advanced Topics

ESOP Accounting (Expense Report)

There is a pandora of misconception around ESOP accounting treatment, the requirement of valuation reports and disclosure, etc. across the startup ecosystem. This article demystifies ESOP accounting aka Expense reporting. Read more

What is Sweat Equity (as per Indian laws)?

As per the Companies Act in India, there is a special thing called Sweat Equity which can also be given to employees. This however is fundamentally different than ESOPs. This blog covers sweat equity in India as a whole. Read more

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