Learn more about the Captable Management module on trica equity.com. You can manage all your shareholders information, share certificates, round information, convertible instruments etc all in one online system.

Note this this product is brought by LetsVenture.com – India’s most trusted platform for Angel investing with over 225 Startups funded till May 2020.

What are the pain points we are solving with this –

  • EXCEL HORRORS – are you are still managing your Cap Table & ESOPs in Excel? You are bound to face problems around data security, reconciliation & traceability. A small genuine mistake can cause loss of money or get you into unnecessary legal hassles.
  • SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH (for all stakeholders) – Founders, Finance Head, Company Secretary, Investors (existing and incoming)
  • GO DEMAT – we facilitate the dematerialisation (DEMAT) of your shares
  • SECURE DOCUMENTS – store accurate fundraise documentation in a secure vault & share with investors when required
  • SCENARIO MODELLING – don’t spend time & bandwidth on modelling your rounds & exits manually. Now you can easily calculate fully diluted capable, manage conversion of Convertible instruments (CCD, CN) with ease.
  • MULTIPLE GEO SUPPORT – we support India, US and Singapore incorporated companies as of now.
  • SECURITY – cyber security vulnerability and testing certified by a reputed vendor
  • COMPLIANCE – we handle all compliance, accounting, Audit, DD (Due Diligence) requirements from one place.
  • REPORTING – generate industry standard reports and customise your reports as per your requirements